Where to look first?

It’s often said that that the hardest yoga move is stepping onto the mat, and in the same sense the hardest part of finding original art for the home or workplace can be figuring out the right starting point, knowing where to look for that initial spark of inspiration.

Whilst every situation is different, our recommendation for people not already familiar with their artistic preferences is to begin the search using online galleries such as Saatchi Art, Art Finder and Fine Art America. These websites are free to browse and are chockablock with high quality art from all around the world spanning every medium and style imaginable, making it an ideal way of getting to grips with what’s out there, honing your artistic preferences and building an initial flow of inspiration.

Saatchi Art is often a good place to start

Saatchi Art is often a good place to start

Start off your search by clicking on any piece of work on the home page of an online gallery that catches your eye or by searching for terms that relate to subjects that mean a lot to you or by a colour or style which will compliment the space where you intend to hang the work.

As you’re scrolling through the different works, make a mental note of your reactions to the various pieces and try to unearth why you’re having those reactions. If you love something, why? If you hate something, why? The more often you do this the better you will fine tune your artistic radar and your confidence will begin to grow.

Most online galleries also enable you to follow artists that you like and will provide new recommendations based upon your likes and who you’re following, so within a short space of time you should be able to build a digital collection of pieces which resonate with you.

At this point it’s also beneficial to bear in mind the space where you intend to hang the work and imagine how the different pieces will work in the room. For extra brownie points, why not Photoshop some of your favourite examples onto a photograph of your blank wall to see what the different pieces would bring to the space?

Further to online galleries, Social media platforms such as Instagram can also provide a great way of discovering new art. Start off by following some artists you like or by using the search bar to look for art in a certain style, colour, medium or theme. The more artists you follow the more the social media platform will recommend new artists who might catch your eye. [Don’t forget to follow our social media channels too for bold recommendations!]

Follow us @statementartuk

Follow us @statementartuk

Whilst these various online options provide a very good first step and may even lead you to discovering a dream piece of work, they don’t always give you the full picture, literally. There’s just so much more detail, texture and impact to discover when seeing art in the flesh. Therefore, once you’re beginning to get a handle on the type of art and artists that you’re drawn to and why you’re drawn to them, the next step is to get out into the real world by visiting galleries, open studios or art fairs in order to further hone your artistic eye.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to buy original art partly as an investment, then there are a few more important points to consider before taking the plunge, whether buying art online or in person. These two topics and more will be covered in future articles, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter below to never miss a beat!

In the mean time, have fun exploring the diverse treasures of online art to spark that initial inspiration and get to grips with your preferences.


Oliver Squirrell