Try this book...

Grayson Perry is one of our favourite personalities in the art world. His elaborate mind, eccentric appearance and refreshingly straight-talking approach has won over both the minds of the art establishment and the hearts of the general public; not an easy thing to do!

Further to winning the Turner prize and hosting a variety of art-based TV shows, in 2014 he published a gem of book called Playing to the Gallery, aimed at showing that art appreciation is no longer just something for the academic elite, whoever they are.

As a new collector or art appreciator, here’s 3 reasons why you should give Grayson’s book a try…

  1. It’s well balanced

The tone of the book is a mirror of the man; there’s plenty of substance that will make you think, and yet the book never comes across as being wanky or pretentious. Have a browse at the below video to get a sense of the man’s approach (to curating a world-famous show…)

2. He tackles the big questions

As a new art buyer or collector, two questions at the forefront of your mind might be how you can determine whether a piece of art is any good (from a quality point of view) and how you can tell if something is art in the first place.

With the continued publicity of “I could do that” pieces of art which have been adorning the floors and walls of contemporary galleries all around the world, the latter is a particularly good question, which Grayson approaches in his own thought-provoking style.

3. It’s short

No one likes a waffler, and Grayson understands that your time is precious, so much so that he has perfected the art of provoking meaningful questions and providing worthwhile insight without over elaborating. The humorous, down-to-earth illustrations further enliven the flow of the book too. Bliss!


In summary, Grayson’s insight, knowledge and imaginative outlook will instil new confidence and enthusiasm into anyone who is curious about immersing themselves into the wondrous world of art. Give it a try!


Oliver Squirrell