Artist Stories: Patrick Elder

One of art’s great powers is its ability to instil us with different energies and emotions which are not commonly felt in everyday life. When it comes to the work of Suffolk based artist Patrick Elder, peace, serenity and reflection are at the heart of his practice. In this interview we explore the influences and ambitions of this brilliantly diverse and inventive talent.

Untitled  by Patrick Elder

Untitled by Patrick Elder

Hi Patrick, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Firstly I would like to ask what the initial driving force was behind you wanting to produce your own sculpture work? 

Freedom of expression.

What is your longer term mission as an artist?  

If I can bring a little joy, beauty, happiness and/or peace into someone’s life through my work then I will have been successful.

Elements is Blue 3  by Patrick Elder

Elements is Blue 3 by Patrick Elder

You mention on your website that you practice Vipassana Meditation, how does this influence your approach to sculpting?    

I’m not interested in putting ugliness or anger into my work, and through the meditation practice, over time, I have been able to shed these negative emotions, to an extent. I have become calmer and more peaceful within myself and I hope that this may be transferred into my work and that people will respond to this.

Patrick at work in his studio

Patrick at work in his studio

Your work has been exhibited in the UK, Europe, Canada and Switzerland and also collected in Australia, and the USA. What have been the highlights so far?  

I was very encouraged to have a sculpture shown at the Royal Academy summer exhibition in 2004 and they were able to sell 4 pieces from the edition.

What is your general perception of the current art world?

Anything goes these days, in art. From ugliness, to shit, to pure rubbish, to beauty, to peacefulness, to contentment....... anything. 

Tell us about some recent successes.
I recently won the Royal Arts Prize for 2019, which will result in two week solo show in the gallery in Pall Mall in spring 2020.

Congratulations Patrick! Best wishes for your continued success and thank you for taking the time to talk with us. 

Untitled  by Patrick Elder

Untitled by Patrick Elder

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