Our service

For contemporary-minded homeowners and businesses who wish to make a bold statement about their individuality, our consulting service enables you to overcome the hassle and complexity of finding stunning contemporary art that brings new meaning and commercial value to your space.

Whether you’re interested in buying original art for the first time or wish to take your collection in a new direction, Statement Art provides a tailored experience that delivers knowledge, expertise and guidance on finding and buying pieces of art that mean more than just a pretty picture on the wall.

The process begins by getting to the heart of what makes you tick as an individual and using this to inspire the nature and direction of the search. At this point we also identify how hands-on you would like to be throughout each stage of the process; we can either coach you through each step of the journey or act fully on your behalf with regards to finding, researching and buying high quality contemporary art.

We cater for budgets between £500 to £10,000 per piece and offer a variety of working arrangements to suit your needs. Our team are based throughout East Anglia and we also provide remote solutions for those based outside of our geographical area. It all starts by contacting us to explore what we can do for you…




Oliver Squirrell


Oliver is an art consultant and agent who is on a mission to help change the perception of art in the UK.

He thrives on taking people on a discovery of what true art finding is all about; discovering impactful, well-crafted images and objects that resonate with you in a way that no other person or possession could.

Having dedicated the last six years to building online platforms for new and emerging artistic talent, Oliver has developed a keen eye for identifying talents that have strong future potential.

Along the way he has supplied art to a range of buyers, collectors and contemporary businesses including AO.com, Simba Sleep and Just Bee.


Lindsay Elise Jolly


Lindsay is a practising artist working in a number of mediums, specialising in experimental abstract sculpture and large scale installations.

Her passion for research was ignited at the Norwich University of the Arts, where she graduated with a first class bachelor’s degree in 2017 and is currently in the process of obtaining her master’s degree.

In her professional career, Lindsay has worked closely with a large range of artists and arts based organisations in client facing roles that involve curation, planning and management of live art and marketing events and projects.


Carol gant


Carol is an established arts professional with a proven track record in the industry.

As curator of the University of Suffolk for ten years, Carol was responsible for managing the creative development of the Waterfront Gallery, internal and external exhibitions and developing relationships with external partners.

It was through this position that she has been able to work alongside some of the UK’s most outstanding contemporary artists including Glenn Brown, Bella Easton, Gillian Carnegie, Biggs and Collings and Graham Crowley.