“Siris Hill is pretty much as far removed from the modern artist’s typical journey to acceptance as one could be: His past sounds borderline filmic, albeit more Ken Loach than Spielberg, but the resulting work is currently in the process of dropping numerous critical jaws as the world wakes up to Hill’s talent.” - Moniker Art Fair





Statement Art helps develop the careers of outstanding artists who have the ambition, determination and talent to restore art’s calling as the ultimate expression of what it means to be human, on all levels.

We do this by working with artists on a one-to-one basis on strategic planning, fundraising, marketing and sales representation which fly in the face of more traditional approaches, enabling artists to build a meaningful career for themselves whilst restoring the public’s faith and fascination with art along the way.


Statement’s founder, Oliver Squirrell, feels that contemporary art has largely grown a reputation for being uninspiring, elitist and bewildering. This needn’t and shouldn’t be the case, and we’re determined to do our bit to help reengage the wider public with this vital part of our culture.